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Oldest Summer Hotel in Iceland

Hotel Bjarkalundur is the oldest summer hotel in Iceland and has been operated since 1947. This family owned hotel is by many considered a landmark and has undoubtedly stood the test of time. The hotel is situated in one of the most magnificent spots in Iceland, at the footsteps of the amazing west fjords, virtually separated from the rest of Iceland and sparsely populated.

the area is characterised by dramatic fjords and towering angular cliffs rising sharply from deep blue seas. Millions of birds outnumber the inhabitants many times over and there are few words to describe that rarest of pleasures – complete silence.Their most prominent parts are two ancient, basaltic volcanic plugs which have withstood erosion better than their surroundings. Mount Vadalfjoll, famous for their majestic beauty, are located nearby, straight north of the hotel.

It is safe to say that the hotel is surrounded by Icelandic nature in its most purest form and as such a very good place to visit.


Driving distance from Reykjavik: 214 KM (2,5 hour drive)

Old Hotel Bjarkalundur
Hotel Bjarkalundur
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